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TGN is the fist-pumpin’ home for Gamers on YouTube. This is a community where gaming isn’t enough, and only true Gamers need apply. With TGN, hone in on one of the biggest online Gamer communities in the world while accessing our exclusive web platform and supercharged support services.

Get back to the game faster, crush your view counts and watch as you move closer to your quest for online domination. Join up and see the difference when your channel is Gamer grade certified.

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TGN is hands down the top network on YouTube for Gamers of all types, from casuals to eSports fanatics, and we’re pumped to connect with you and help you get huge on YouTube. Hosting anything from tournaments to guest streaming on Twitch and YouTube, we’ll do what it takes to make the Gamer world as awesome and as big as possible.

With eSports big shots like Team Dignitas, DotaCinema, Unite Gaming, and ESFI World already on the roster, TGN is the place to be for everything that pews.


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Partners can visit our Support Portal for help at any time, and be sure to check out our extensive knowledgebase for valuable information about partnership and your channel.

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